Our simple and intuitive lettings and property management software gives you all the necessary tools to make your business more efficient and effective.


Automate up to 85% of lettings tasks


37% of tasks completed outside of office hours

Manage up to 100 more properties per property manager

Customer facing

Our dedicated portal brings everyone together in one centralised place, allowing you to streamline the entire process from pre-tenancy to move in while delivering an exceptional experience for landlords, tenants and guarantors.

Foster a culture of transparency and open communication by giving all parties full visibility into the tenancy’s progression. All while enhancing your brand presence by customising our white-labelled solution to perfectly align with your company’s identity.

Maintenance management

TecLet’s frictionless property management tool is designed to expedite fault resolution with access to a marketplace of over 18,000 contractors for competitive tender. Offer your tenants 24/7 maintenance reporting and guided resolutions to faults.

Stay organised with shared documentation for all parties and effortless invoice management through client accounting.


Experience the extreme efficiency of automation with TecLet, our advanced lettings software.

Designed to simplify administrative processes by automating up to 85% of lettings tasks, freeing your team members from time-consuming tasks and allowing them to focus on driving your business forward. TecLet enables your business to stay open and transacting with tenants,  landlords and guarantors 24/7, allowing customers to interact with you on their own terms, at their convenience.

Client accounting

Experience stress-free money management with our fully automated client accounting tool that accurately traces every penny from payment request to payout.

Transact with tenants and guarantors around the clock, collecting payments via direct debit, card or standing order, displaying landlords negative balances and easily paying contractors and landlords. TecLet monitors, reports and chases rent arrears while also catering for respite legislation, ensuring you’re always compliant.


With our automated workflows, being compliant 100% of the time is effortless. Our system diligently monitors your workflows, locking them down until specific compliance requirements are met. TecLet notifies and involves you precisely when it matters to guarantee a quick resolution. Retain ultimate control with the power to override when needed, ensuring your technology never hinders a deal.


Our unique integrations take you away from app stores and loading screens and into a world of enhanced efficiency and simplified operations. Consolidating all required providers into a single platform, from referencing, document signing and deposit registration to maintenance management, utility switching and beyond. We bring everything you need for your lettings business together in one place with no additional cost.

Additional revenue

Discover a world of possibilities to expand your revenue streams with our diverse range of add-ons, including utility, broadband and media switching, insurance and rent protection. In addition to various basket type items such as Gas Safety Certificates, Energy Performance Certificates and much more.

Data migration

Our one-of-a-kind data migration solution allows a seamless transition of your present and historic data, making switching software a painless process. We’ll have you up and running in as little as three weeks.

With TecLet you can unlock the full potential of your lettings business and pave the way for success in the ever evolving property market.

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