Take control of your customer relationships like never before with our cloud-based CRM solution.


Automate over 50% of admin tasks


Remain 100% compliant, 100% of the time

Partners and integrations

All-in-one solution

Revolutionise the way you manage every aspect of your business with our intuitive, all-in-one CRM solution. Designed to solve known problems and streamline everyday tasks from prospecting and client accounting to sales chain management and compliance.

Effortlessly track all communication and engagement with our interactive dashboard, ensuring every opportunity is responded to efficiently.


Experience significant time savings and streamlined workflows by automating over 50% of administrative tasks, enabling you to remain open and interacting with consumers 24/7.

Take full control of your property feed with automatic uploads to your website and chosen portals. With push controls tailored to your preferences, including uploading your properties to OnTheMarket as ‘Only With Us’, TecCRM puts you in the driver’s seat of your property marketing.

Lead management

Leads seamlessly flow into TecCRM from all portals and your website, perfectly integrating with all TecWeb designs. In addition, our cutting-edge geo-mapping tool automatically assigns leads to specific branches and staff members, optimising efficiency and response time.

Single contact records

Enter a new era of client information management with a single contact record that consolidates a customer’s buyer, seller, renter and landlord history. Never enter data twice again and easily update customer information, experience the convenience of a single database across all the OnTheMarket Software solutions.

Additional revenue

Boost your bottom line with a range of additional revenue opportunities. Leverage the network of trusted partners integrated with TecCRM and expand your service offerings to maximise your earning potential. TecCRM is the gateway to unlocking new revenue streams and taking your business to new heights.


TecCRM takes integrations to a new level by seamlessly connecting with various providers in ways you’ve never seen before. Consolidating all required providers into one platform from anti-money laundering (AML) checks to document signing and removal services to utility switching.

Two-way communication

TecCRM ensures efficient two-way communication by seamlessly integrating with SMS, Whatsapp and emails. Stay connected with your customers and keep a digital record of all interactions. Gain valuable insights into your communication with customers by tracking open activity and engagement with attachments.


Experience worry free compliance with our vigilant system that continuously monitors your workflows, halting them until specific requirements are fulfilled. Receive instant notifications when action is required, ensuring swift resolution while retaining full control with the ability to override when needed. Benefit from the convenience of in-built AML risk assessment, empowering you to stay compliant 100% of the time, effortlessly and effectively.

Comprehensive reporting

Witness the positive impact of robust management information and reporting capabilities, providing you with in-depth insights into the inner workings of your business. With TecCRM you have the tools to delve into the details and gain valuable insight into your business performance. While the intuitive dashboard and scheduled reports allow you to easily track key metrics, monitor progress and make informed decisions to drive success. 

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