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24/7 customer portal

A customer portal designed to enhance the experience for buyers, sellers, tenants, landlords and guarantors. Empowering customers to take control of their property journey by enabling them to interact with the functionalities of TecCRM and TecLet including providing viewing feedback, submitting an offer, uploading documents and monitoring progress. TecHub automates numerous administrative tasks, keeping your business open and transacting 24/7.

Interactive document centre

TecHub offers a secure, interactive document centre for all parties, hosting all relevant documents and ensuring easy access for all, saving your agents time. Each party can conveniently upload, review, sign and archive documents including proof of ID, title deeds, Terms of Business, property particulars and more. Marketing materials can easily be shared with vendors and landlords to review and approve. The document centre remains accessible after the transaction for easy access whenever needed.

Viewing management

TecHub provides customers with a comprehensive viewing management platform, allowing them to request viewings, manage bookings and provide feedback. All feedback can be shared directly with the vendor or landlord either automatically or once reviewed.

TecHub also allows customers to set up and modify their property search criteria using the interactive OnTheMarket location map and search functionality.


Ensure everyone receives timely updates on progress and required actions with automated notifications. Encourage effective communication and swift information exchange with the message wall, a convenient space for all parties to communicate with you.

With TecHub you have the power to smoothly nurture your customers throughout their journey, ensuring a personalised and seamless experience for all.

Real-time tracking

Keep all parties up to date with a comprehensive and real-time overview of the progression of their sales and lettings transactions. Providing everyone with full visibility of the entire process and any outstanding actions that need to be completed before moving forward.

Home management hub

The customer portal transforms into a versatile home management hub after completion, empowering you to nurture your clients throughout their tenancy or property ownership journey. Enhancing customer satisfaction and fostering long-term relationships that provide repeat business.

Additional revenue

Watch your business grow, expand your offering and increase your revenue by providing new services to your customers. From conveyancing, insurance and mortgage products to switching utilities, broadband and media providers, there is something that will fit seamlessly into your business.

Continue to provide a stress-free experience post-transaction by offering services including remortgaging options, building and life insurance through the home management hub.

Make every step of the property journey memorable for all the right reasons – choose TecHub to create an exceptional experience for your customers.

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