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  • Improve communication and ensure a smooth and successful sales journey for all parties with our all-in-one portal for buyers and sellers.

  • Say goodbye to the limitations of office hours, experience the convenience of round-the-clock business, allowing buyers and sellers to interact with the platform anytime, anywhere.

Boost productivity with the power of automation

  • Software crafted to simplify administrative processes by automating 80% of tasks during the sales process, including effortless property uploads to all portals and your website.

  • Optimise your vetting process with automated screening, evaluating every potential buyer and scoring them prior to conducting a viewing, saving your agents valuable time.

Nurture clients throughout the transaction and beyond

  • Effortlessly handle all leads, starting every relationship on the right foot with a prompt and responsive approach.

  • Foster long term relationships that encourage repeat business by nurturing your clients throughout their property ownership journey with the home management hub.

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  • Stay on top of every aspect of a sales progression, from valuation to completion, with comprehensive tracking.

  • Swiftly respond to all viewing requests, changes and feedback, with real time updates.

Explore untapped revenue streams

  • Generate additional revenue effortlessly with our fully automated commission opportunities expertly timed and tailored, every time.

Remain 100% compliant

  • Gain unparalleled peace of mind as our system continuously monitors your workflows to ensure all compliance requirements are met.

  • Our system proactively assesses all of your transactions and effectively locks down workflows when there is a risk of becoming non-compliant, promptly notifying you to ensure quick resolution.

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