Estate agent software integrations

OnTheMarket Software seamlessly connects you with a diverse and rapidly growing network of trusted partners.

Our unique integrations capture the full potential of each partner, often resulting in additional development to deliver high quality, deep integrations. Offering your business the best for compliance protection, system enhancements, value added services and/or revenue opportunities.

Enjoy direct relationships with providers and the freedom to negotiate your own terms while we assist with set up and work to ensure accounts and API keys are delivered swiftly. All integrations are free to add to your OnTheMarket Software product*.

*Some integrations may have additional service or product costs that are charged by the provider.

AML, tenant screening and referencing

Comprehensive tenant screening, rent legal protection, tenant rent credit records and general insurance services for both tenants and landlords.

Facilitates Anti-Money Laundering checks and land registry checks on a property.

Receive comprehensive tenant screening checks as well as rent and legal protection and tenant and landlord GI insurance.

Facilitates Anti-Money Laundering checks and land registry checks on a property.

Providing AML checks, instant and comprehensive tenant screening, including tenant right to rent checks, rent legal protection and tenant and landlord general insurance.

Instant and comprehensive tenant screening, including tenant right to rent checks, rent legal protection and tenant and landlord general insurance.


Facilitate quick and effective communication with your agent team through a ‘chat’ service on your website.

Communicate with your clients effectively with SMS text and WhatsApp messaging integrated with TecCRM for two way messaging.

Data and property licensing

Provider of property licensing, offering on-going monitoring of regulations and new legislation.

A comprehensive source of data covering UK properties that can add value throughout the sales and lettings process through online dashboards, vendor and buyer reports, prospecting, lead generation and nurture campaigns.

Property management system for Block and Asset Management.

Alternative deposit and management schemes

Insurance products to protect landlords from damages up to the equivalent of twelve weeks rent, purchased by tenants as an alternative to paying the traditional five to six week deposit.

Deposit replacement service, the tenants can opt into and purchase an insurance policy rather than paying a five to six week deposit payment.

Custodial and insured deposit integration, including automated deposit registration and distribution of certificates.

Electronic signing

One of the most well-known document signing platforms, facilitating document sending and signing for buyers, sellers, landlords, tenants and guarantors.

Providing document distribution and signing in addition to data and onboarding services.

Streamline your document signing workflow with electronic signing.


Offering rent guarantee, tenant content insurance and landlord building insurance.

Equip landlords with effective boiler cover, home care policies and heating and hot water repairs and call outs.

Rent guarantee once references have been completed. Additional services including tenant content insurance and landlord building insurance.


A helpful marketing platform to generate high quality applicant leads from email campaigns including newsletters and prospecting campaigns.

An all-in-one lead platform, designed to help manage customer relationships, automate the sales process and assist with lead generation including mail campaigns.


Simplify the process of posting properties and marketing campaigns to various social media platforms, including sold in your street campaigns.


Mortgages and conveyancing

Track the progression of and interact with conveyancers, mortgage brokers and banks throughout the selling and buying journey.

A platform for conveyancers, surveyors, insurance and mortgages providers to interact with buyers and sellers.

Mortgage advice and services which include life protection policies and critical health cover.

Enabling estate agents to instruct top-rated conveyancing solicitors and surveyors from our panel at the click of a button, whilst keeping buyers and sellers up to date of the sales progression.

Moving services


Refer your customers to experienced and expert movers including packaging and management of their moving process.

Facilitates a smooth provider switching process for buyers and tenants, including energy, gas, water, council tax, broadband and satellite TV.

Client accounting and payment processing

Facilitate payment directly to your client account via card and Apple Pay.

Make client accounting easy and efficient with digital wallets or bank accounts, with open banking automating the processing of rent and arrears management.

Easily process and manage payments including rent and deposits, contractor payments and automated rent arrears controls.

Enable your business to take Apple Pay, debit and credit card payments 24/7 through TecLet.

Property maintenance and contractor management

Make managing maintenance smooth with a maintenance system that allows tenants to report repairs while you can progress and manage contractors.

Facilitate tenants to report issues and landlords to tender and approve work and manage contractors, with over 18,000 contractors to choose from.

Inventories and inspections

Produce quality inventory and property inspection reports with integrated inventory software, enabling you to carry out inspections, move ins and move outs.

Integrated inventory and inspection outsourcing with optional services including Legionella inspections and check in and out services.


Facilitates users to create bespoke property inspection reports including inventories, midterm Inspections, check in’s and check out’s.

Utility, broadband and media switching

Facilitates the switching of energy, including Void products, into new tenant names or when a property becomes vacant into the landlord’s name.

Introduce customers to a simple switching service for energy, TV, broadband and home insurance.

Supported or self-service switching service for buyers and tenants for their water, council tax, energy, TV, broadband and home insurance plus various data points for UPRN and utility management.

A smooth and simple switching service for tenants including energy, TV, broadband and home insurance.

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